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This is my blog setup to track a little experiment I am running by playing the UK National Lottery. To read about the system I'm using, and why I'm doing so, you can visit this page. Over the next 52 weeks I will be commenting on results, progress and any winnings, plus probably rambling about whatever is on my mind at the moment. I'll try keep the posts concise and entertaining though!

Experiment Progress 3rd Jan to 8th Feb

Posted on Tuesday 11th February 2014

Version 2 of the Lottery Experiment has been in progress for over two months now, but we have yet to have a proper update. This is understandable, as the website and tracking scripts were only made live at the end of last week, but, well, there is no time like the present!

Whilst the majority of draws have seen zero numbers being matched (11 zero-match draws so far), we've actually had two wins in as many months. On Wednesday 15th January we matched both number 20 and the Thunderball (11). This netted us £5, and a weird tingly feeling. Our second win came on the 1st of February, and we matched three numbers (20, 32, 32) and the Thunderball (11). These numbers won us a meaty £20. The official email from the National Lottery for this win actually arrived late in the afternoon whilst they are usually waiting in our inbox in the morning; perhaps it's difficult to calculate all the winners for each game?

A few people have asked why we've moved over to the Thunderball game rather than the main Lotto game. Well, in actual fact we were thinking of eschewing the National Lottery games altogether! There are a plethora of quality Lottery games available now, and companies are also offering the chance to play Lotto games from around the world. The Irish lotteries have always interested me, and the Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 is especially intriguing. You can play it over here: http://sports.williamhill.com/bet/en-gb/lotto/IR6/Irish-Lotto-6-ball.html

The 5-4-3-2-1 system allows you to select what amount of numbers you want to match, and gives you prizes that are determined by the difficulty of matching these numbers. For example, if you just choose 1 number, and that number is any of the five drawn, then you win six times your stake. If you choose 5 numbers, and all 5 of those numbers come up, you win a whopping 100001 times your stake money. These are all features that appeal to the gambler in me. In the end though, it all came down to technical issues. I'd already written the tracking system backend for the first Lottery Experiment, and this could easily be adapted to follow the Thunderball results. Also, I wasn't sure how I would gauge how many numbers to pick, and what stakes to put down. Simplicity ruled the day. I'm still considering spending some possible winnings on the Irish Lottery however, and tempt the luck of the Irish!

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Great post.. Thanks for sharing.

Posted on Sunday 27th April 2014 by lagent

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