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This is my blog setup to track a little experiment I am running by playing the UK National Lottery. To read about the system I'm using, and why I'm doing so, you can visit this page. Over the next 52 weeks I will be commenting on results, progress and any winnings, plus probably rambling about whatever is on my mind at the moment. I'll try keep the posts concise and entertaining though!

Christmas Cash?

Posted on Monday 8th December 2014

It is approaching that time of year again. It gets cold, dark, and everything seems to get covered in chocolate or involves some sort of alcohol! With the adverts in all forms of media going into full on push mode, everything is telling you to buy buy buy. But enough philosophizing about the evils of the season, time for another sporadic update on the Lottery Experiment V2.

Well, we've only had two measly wins since the last update. The first one was on Saturday 25th October, matching number 30 and the Thunderball, number 12. The second win came two weeks later, and was simply a Thunderball match, being number 12 again. After this win, we saw a little change in our playing numbers, with 21 nudging it's big brother 22 out of the top 6. This lineup has been steady for the rest of the experiment so far.

With about 4 weeks left with this experiment, it doesn't look like we will be coming up with a profit. There is still hope in these last weeks, but there may be a slight spanner in the works. I will be out of the country from the 10th December until the 2nd January, and so will not be able to buy any UK lottery tickets, without being naughty and messing around with proxies, VPNs and such. So (as you may be able to make out in the image accompanying this post) I've bought the current playing numbers for the next 4 weeks (12 draws). If there is no change in the ball lineup, then this will be fine. However, there are currently two numbers that may attempt to nudge themselves into our playing numbers; 10 and 22. There are also some others that could creep up, the most likely being 17 or 28. But this is a risk I must take, though with luck as it is currently, we'll probably have the jackpot winning numbers on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, but they won't be the ones I've bought! Och well!

Plans for V3 of the Lottery Experiment will come in January hopefully, and at the moment we are thinking of using the Euromillions draws as our target this time (mainly because we seem to win most on these anyway!). Watch this space! (for probably the 10th time now)

Oh, and of course, Happy Christmas to you all. Bah Humbug!

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Looks like your prediction of a change in numbers has come true - Happy Xmas!

Posted on Tuesday 16th December 2014 by Santa

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