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This is my blog setup to track a little experiment I am running by playing the UK National Lottery. To read about the system I'm using, and why I'm doing so, you can visit this page. Over the next 52 weeks I will be commenting on results, progress and any winnings, plus probably rambling about whatever is on my mind at the moment. I'll try keep the posts concise and entertaining though!

End of Lottery Experiment V2

Posted on Tuesday 20th January 2015

On Saturday the 3rd of January 2015 the year long version 2 of the Lottery Experiment came to an end. After 158 draws, we're done with our experimentation with the Lotto Thunderball games. Whilst there haven't been much in the way of news and blog updates over the past year, I'll do my best to summarise the progress of the experiment over the past 12 months.

We started the year with the numbers 20 28 30 31 32 11, and 3 of those numbers would stay with us for every Thunderball draw. And except for 13 draws, 4 of those numbers would also stay the same. Over the year's run, we have only had 12 wins, which averages out at 1 win per month, and £6.80 per win. With £158 spent on tickets, we've only won back £82, which means we've only regained 52% of our outlay, with a win rate of 7.6% (though this matches the National Lottery's published win rate). Therefore, I officially call V2 of the Lottery Experiment to be a failure!

Another failure in the experiment came when I bought tickets for the last 4 weeks worth of draws. As I predicted, the number 22 nudged its way into our playing set, displacing number 21, and making us miss a possible 3-number plus Thunderball result, downgrading it to a 2-number plus Thunderball match.

Despite the negativity, we forge on, and have already started on the Lottery Experiment V3! This time we're focussing on the EuroMillions draws (as you may have noticed if you follow our Twitter feed). V3 of the experiment has already started, and we'll be posting about it very soon.

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