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This is my blog setup to track a little experiment I am running by playing the UK National Lottery. To read about the system I'm using, and why I'm doing so, you can visit this page. Over the next 52 weeks I will be commenting on results, progress and any winnings, plus probably rambling about whatever is on my mind at the moment. I'll try keep the posts concise and entertaining though!

Lottery Experiment V3!

Posted on Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Finally I can annouce the start of version 3 of the National Lottery Experiment, after much tinkering around with the site's existing scripts and framework, and fixing some annoying bugs with the tweeting and data scraping system. With everything hopefully working, we can now start to show you the data we're working with for Lottery Experiment V3.

For this version of the experiment, we are continuing with our methods of playing the top 5 drawn numbers, along with the two lucky stars, which are also taken from the top 2 lucky stars that have been drawn. For the uninitiated, there is more information on our chosen system here: http://www.lotteryexperiment.co.uk/about/

We've actually been running V3 of the experiment since the beginning of the year, with the first draw having taken place on 9th January. However, it took a while to update the backend of the site and the data gathering systems, but now everything is (hopefully) now in running order. If you spot any bugs, please let us know!

So, we're 15 draws into the experiment at time of writing, with 1 win so far, and fingers crossed for the rest of the year.

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