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This is my blog setup to track a little experiment I am running by playing the UK National Lottery. To read about the system I'm using, and why I'm doing so, you can visit this page. Over the next 52 weeks I will be commenting on results, progress and any winnings, plus probably rambling about whatever is on my mind at the moment. I'll try keep the posts concise and entertaining though!

8 months on...

Posted on Monday 13th October 2014

Well, it's been just over 8 months since the last update. I've certainly been showing this site less attention than you'd give to a ginger-haired step-child, and for this I apoligise. However, there hasn't really been a huge array of goings on, er, going on, but I'll attempt to cover the whole of the last eight months of happenings in this update.

In the last 8 months, we've had 7 wins; 1 in February, 1 in March, 1 in April, 1 in May, 1 in June, 1 in July, and 1 in August. So, nearly 1 win every month. September let us down, so come on October!

The winning combinations have been 3 lone Thunderballs, 2 wins of Thunderball + 1 normal ball, 1 win of Thunderball + 2 normal balls, and 1 win of 3 normal balls. This has netted us £49 - less than £7 per month. I have to say, it's not looking too good for this round of the Lottery Experiment.

The numbers played have been pretty stable throughout the months, but there have been a few changes here and there. From the last update, the first changes appeared after the Wednesday 23rd April 2014 game, with the number 21 overtaking the number 28, changing our playing line to 20 28 30 31 32 11. The next change came after the Saturday 17th May 2014 game, with the Thunderball changing from 11 to 12. Shortly afterwards, the number 21 muscled it's way into the line again, kicking out the number 28.

Number 12 as the Thunderball only lasted for 3 games however, and legs eleven took back it's place, where it has so far stayed for the rest of the run. A turbulent few games then took place, with numbers 28 and 30 vying for positions. This continued on until Wednesday 30th July 2014, where the number 18 took charge, and kicked number 28 to the kerb, giving a playing line of 18 20 30 31 32 11.

However, last draw (Saturday 11th October 2014) saw the number 18 being kicked out yet again by 22, giving us a playing line of 20 22 30 31 32 11. This is the line we're using on Wednesday. Fingers crossed, it could be you (me)!

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